We are proud to be involved in the community! We hope you will join us!

Bring in your demolition for disposal and save!

BCS is accepting agricultural plastics! Drop off your ag bags, silage bag film/shrink wrap, plastic containers, jugs, barrels and plastic twine/netting for 10 cents per pound! Can’t haul it in yourself? Order a roll off for your ag bags and we’ll pick it up for you!

Bueckers City Sanitation and EnviroCellular have partnered to provide FREE cell phone recycling. Used cell phones can be dropped off at our office for FREE.

Bring in your dead batteries FREE at any time!

Recycling Specials

Aluminum cans $0.40 per pound

……….Shredded Paper FREE……….Plastic FREE……….Drop Off Only……….FREE Battery Drop Off……….

We will no longer be picking up on holidays


Put your cart on one side of your driveway and your recycling cart on the other, as illustrated below.

We provide heavy-duty carts for our customers’ use and convenience. Severe damage or destruction of our carts will be assessed to your account should it go beyond normal wear and tear.

Do not put yard waste, ash or hazardous wastes in the carts. Ash is especially dangerous as it retains heat many days later. Stearns County Environmental Services suggests ash be used in gardens or spread on fields to replenish soil minerals.

Customers are responsible for notifying our office of service transfers and cancellations. Unless you call to notify us in advance, you will remain responsible for accrued monthly charges. Upon cancellation of services, you will be notified of the date containers (trash & recycling carts) will be removed. If we are unable to recover our containers on that date, your account will be assessed. Upon return of our containers, those charges will be reversed.

Do you need a large item picked up? Give our office a call to schedule a special pick up. *Pick up fees apply*.

Grass and leaf pick up service within the city limits of Albany, Avon and Melrose begins in April and runs weekly through November (weather permitting). Yard clippings should be bagged or boxed, weighing less than 50 pounds; branches should be bundled, with branches less than 3 inches in diameter and no more than 3 feet long.

Customers outside the city limits of Albany, Avon or Melrose can drop off their yard waste at our Sauk Centre facility for free.

Not sure how to properly sort your recycling? Forgot your pick up day?

Download to view or print any of these flyers! You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader (a free download).

How to Recycle
Programa de Reciclaje Infomaccion
Driveway Waiver
2017 Calendar


Did you know that your old paint cans, fluorescent light bulbs and oil filters cannot go into the regular garbage? These items, and many more common household items, are considered hazardous wastes and must be disposed of properly.

Stearns County Environmental Services and Tri-County Hazardous Waste will be holding an event to collect your HHW! Please call for times, dates and locations for 2018 household hazardous waste pick ups.

Propane tanks are considered HHW and cannot be put in the trash. Contact any of the following for disposal information.

  • Tri-County HHW – 800-450-6140
  • Ferrell Gas – 320-352-0159
  • Local Wal-Mart will exchange old tanks for new ones